Cheer on Netflix (Mobhouse Productions)
Cheer on Netflix

Netflix and Cheer, anyone?

When I first saw the trailer of Cheer on Netflix, I instinctively added it to my queue. Truth be told, I have never been a cheerleader. But when I see girls getting thrown in the air, I wished to be one of them!

       Cheer on Netflix (Image source: Netflix)

Although I added the show to my queue, I did not watch it – until my ex-colleagues praised the show. FOMO, I knew I needed to watch it right away to see what all the hype is all about!

Well, here’s what I learned from the first episode of the show.

1. “You’re done. You’re done as a cheerleader.”

Cheer (Mobhouse productions)
Strict instructor (Image source: Netflix)
Personally, I cannot imagine the roller coaster of emotions that the kids are going through as cheerleading only goes as high as collegiate level. From the first episode, you will see what the kids would do just to stay on the mat. It’s now or never!

2. “People think that we’re… dumb blondes.”

blondes on Cheer (Mobhouse productions)
Cheerleaders are not dumb (Image source: Netflix)
Yes, I thought so too until I watched the show.

3. “And they’re like celebrities. They’re cheer-lebrities”

Cheerlebrities (Mobhouse productions)
Cheer-lebrities (Image source: Netflix)
I fell in love with the characters. Each of them has got their own personality and the amount of effort they put in to stay on the mat reminds me of celebrities climbing the star ladder.

4. “You keep going until you get it right, and then you keep going till you can’t get it wrong”

Cheer on Netflix
Best advise (Image source: Netflix)

Coach Monica of Navarro has got so much class! She’s definitely my idol.

5. “So, that’s the biggest competition, it’s just against our teammates”

Cheer on Netflix (Image source: Netflix)
I didn’t realize your biggest enemies could be your very own teammates. Talk about friendships and such man.

6. “Go get a tampon for Jerry’s bleeding nose!”

Tampon can stop nose bleed! (Image source: Netflix)
I can’t wait to learn even more fascinating things from the remaining episodes, LOL.

7. “This isn’t Bring It On. As much as we love the movies, it’s not.”

Cheer on Netflix
Cheer on Netflix (Image source: Netflix)
I may have cringed many, many times while watching the first episode, but deep down I silently cheer for Navarro.