In a special address today, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin confirms that The Movement Control Order (MCO) will be extended until April 14.

He adds that this is the only way to contain the situation which seems to worsen day by day, urging Malaysians to stay at home to break the chain of infection.

“The strategy will only succeed if the masses are not exposed to the virus through daily contacts. Just be mentally and physically prepared to stay at home for a longer period of time. The Health Ministry and the National Security Council have briefed me. The current trend is that new cases are still happening and will continue for a while until it stops.

“With MCO extended, I am sure it can be difficult to stay at home. But the reality is that we have not faced something like this before and we would like to contain it as soon as possible. The MCO thus far has helped in controlling the spread, but we cannot be too happy about it until we successfully have zero new cases.”

MCO Extended to Contain Rise of Active Cases and Total Deaths in Malaysia

Current active cases in Malaysia:

Total 1,425 active cases in Malaysia as of March 24 (Image source: worldometers)

Current total deaths in Malaysia:

Total 17 deaths as of March 24 (Image source: worldometers)

The MCO covers the general prohibition of mass movements and gatherings nationwide. This includes a travel ban on Malaysians as well as restrictions on tourists from entering the country. Furthermore, the MCO involves the closure of all government and private business sectors and all houses of worship. However, this excludes supermarkets, grocery shops, convenience stores, and other essential services.