We’ve all experienced the pain of losing important data, especially when it comes to crucial work documents that we don’t have any backup files for. This is precisely why we should always prioritize proper data protection and redundancy measures. Getting a NAS can make your worries and headaches go away – all without breaking the bank.

But What’s A NAS?

NAS (Network-Attached Storage are standalone storage devices connected to your network that act as a central location to store as well as retrieve data and files. Basically, any device can be configured to gain access to the files as long as they are connected to the same network.

Why SMEs Need A NAS?

Here are four main benefits of using a NAS for your business:

1. Cost and Value

A decent NAS, especially when paired with good hard drives, is not exactly cheap but it is still more affordable than a conventional server. Nowadays, they’re packed with a lot of traditional server functionality through downloadable apps and are priced more affordably. 

2. Ease of Use and Flexibility

Most NAS operating systems are easy to use with intuitive software and user interface, which are useful considering how most SMEs don’t have a dedicated IT team. It also gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of storage where you can access files that you need immediately. Did we also mention that you can easily upgrade the NAS in the future?

3. Security

A NAS provides you with security options. You can set up access control, which can be used to compartmentalize files and data for different departments. It will also ensure that hackers won’t be able to access your data from outside of the network. Even if you have the private cloud feature set up, the security measures built-in the NAS can keep the bad guys away. 

4. Redundancy

It is always recommended to use a RAID setup when using a NAS. We know that all hard drives will eventually fail with constant use. To counteract that, redundancy using RAID ensures that your data can survive in case one of your hard drives fail. If you want to be extra safe, you can have two copies of your data in two different locations in case of a fire or other accidents.

So What Do You Think?

Would it be beneficial to get one for your company? If you’re interested, check out these options QNAP for your business!

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