Crash Landing On You (Mobhouse productions)
Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You sounds cringy but it’s actually super addictive

Crash Landing On You (Mobhouse productions)
Yoon Se Ri (Image source: Preview)

Born into a rich family, heiress Yoon Se Ri left home to start her own fashion business. She may be disliked by most of her family members but her father acknowledges her hard work and wants her to take over the family business. However, she lands on North Korean soil when she was out paragliding due to a tornado and hence the show’s name ‘Crash Landing On You’.

Crash Landing On You (Mobhouse productions)
Crash Landing On You (Image source: thejakartapost)

She then meets handsome commander, Ri Jung Hyuk who tries to help her get back to South Korea. Of course, just like any other K-drama, sparks fly between them. If you think long distance relationships are hard, try a cross-border relationship between North and South Korea!

Of course, only K-dramas can get away with cringy titles and over-the-top storylines with a generous dash of romance to create some of the most addictive Korean drama series. Even Western audiences fall head over heels for K-dramas. Although most K-drama storylines feel slightly regurgitative in general, the plots, types of characters, and even the sets feel new and different from one another. Or maybe I’ve been infected by the K-drama addiction.

Crash courses from the show (Warning: Spoilers ahead)

1. Give yourself a break

Crash Landing On You (Mobhouse productions)
Crash Landing On You (Image source: meaww)

Crash Landing On You takes place in North Korea so there is little to no technology involved in the scenes. They don’t get to enjoy the privilege of some necessities that we have, such as coffee machines. Also, they definitely won’t understand what Tiktok is all about. 

The characters connect with each other through banters and laughter. It is very heartwarming to see their genuine face-to-face connection. All of them behave like adult babies; sharing life stories, teasing, playing with one another, and giving each other heart-to-heart talks when needed. 

2. Keep your friends and family close

Crash Landing On You (Mobhouse productions)
#NoFilter (Image source: drama beans)

Crash Landing On You highlights the importance of having friends and family that you can rely on when the going gets tough. Sadly, Se Ri’s family members are pretty screwed in the head. Although Se Ri was stuck in North Korea for a short time, the soldiers and Ajummas truly cared for her and helped make her time there feel less dreadful. 

Often times when life feels unfair, you find strength to endure the hardships when you have people to lean on! These are the people that give you unconditional support and honest feedback. 

3. Love is really blind

Crashing Landing On You (Mobhouse productions)
Se Ri and Jung Hyuk’s cute moments (Image source: giphy)

We’ve all gone through phases in life where we thought romance is the most complicated thing on earth. There are times when we distant ourselves from the person we love because we are afraid of getting hurt. Because of that, we put ourselves at a disadvantage and subsequently miss out on a lot of things. 

The romance between Se Ri and Jung Hyeok teaches us that the right person is always worth the fight. Both Seri and Jung Hyuk know their cross border relationship will hurt at some point but they fight for it and magic happens! If something like this has happened to you before, congratulations!

Conclusion of Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You (Mobhouse productions)
Jung Hyuk all by himself (Image source: Klook)

If you are interested in the complex relationship between North and South Korea, I think you will enjoy Crash Landing On You. Unlike its predecessors (for example Joint Security Area), Crash Landing On You successfully presented the everyday life of North Koreans thanks to its attention to detail. In the show, we also can see how North Korea has evolved ever since the Cold War. 

Crash Landing On You (Mobhouse productions)
Se Ri and Jung Hyuk trying to give you diabetes (Image source: giphy)

Only getting sweeter and sweeter with each episode, we get to see the love grow between Se Ri and Jung Hyuk. Having starred together previously in The Negotiation, it’s no surprise to see the amazing chemistry between Hyun Bin (Jung Hyuk) and Son Ye-jin (Se Ri) in this North-South Korean love story. Fulfilling all the criterias of a perfect K-romcom, this show should definitely be in your to-watch list.

The complete series is available on Netflix