Only 15 days left to go until the MCO is lifted, guys. We can do this! How is everyone holding up so far? For me, I have been scouring the App Store for multiplayer mobile games to play with my friends.  So, of course I’m going to share my list of the best multiplayer mobile games (MCO version) because we all can maintain social contact and still have fun with our friends even when we’re apart.

1) Among Us

Among Us is a hilarious mobile game that lets you play with up to 10 friends at a time. You will all be placed on a space ship and one of the players is an impostor whose main goal is to kill everyone else! It’s something like the card game ‘Thieves and Cops’!

free multiplayer mobile games (Mobhouse productions)
Quickly complete simple tasks to escape the impostor (Image source: Innersloth)

If you manage to survive so far, you will need to complete simple tasks in order to escape unharmed. Time to put your ninja skills to the test!

Take your vote on who you think the impostor is and try not to kick your innocent fellow crew out (Image source: Innersloth)

You and the rest of the players get to vote on who is the suspected impostor! The player with the most votes will get eliminated from the game, which  ends when the impostor has been correctly identified or when the impostor successfully kills everyone in the space ship. Also, did I mention about the cute graphics and user-friendly interface in Among Us?

Download Among Us for free on IOS and Android

2) Plato: Find Fun

If you’re a competitive gamer like me, here is a platform with a series of multiplayer mobile games that can really rile you up! From the classic Chess and Backgammon to Bowling and Literati, Plato has it all.

free multiplayer mobile games (Mobhouse productions)
Board games, card games and many more available on Plato

You can also play Draw Something on the app as well! Simply create a public chat room for you to speak to your friends while playing. But, be warn – you guys could end up spending hours on the app!

Download Plato for free on IOS and Android

3) The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out is a game by Ellen, who created Heads Up and Psych! too. In this game, everyone will have to answer fun and hilarious questions about one another like “what’s the last thing Michelle googled?” or “Who is Shane’s celebrity doppelganger?” or “What is the biggest secret Buffy is keeping?”. You name it and The Truth Comes Out. Geddit?

multiplayer mobile games (Mobhouse productions)
Find out what your friends actually think about you!

You can vote for your favorite answers and you get to score points when your friends choose your answers. This is a fun game to bring your friends closer to each other despite the LDR (LockDown Relationship, ahem).

Download The Truth Comes Out for free on IOS and Android

4) Evil Apples vs. Humanity

If you love playing Cards Against Humanity with your buddies (or multiplayer mobile games in general), you’ll find that Evil Apples is the perfect virtual version. Find a group of people to play with, who can be invited through social media.  To start, you will have a hand of digital cards with answer options to fill in the blanks.

mobile games (Mobhouse productions)
Choose to play with friends or other people from around the world to have a good laugh!

For every round, there will be a sentence or question presented and the players will have to come up with the funniest answer. The designated judge for that round will then select the card they find most hilarious. You can also amp up the game by playing it through a group video call and add in a punishment of sorts to make it more exciting.

Download Evil Apples for free on IOS and Android

5) Zombieville USA 2

In this simple pick-up-and-play arcade action, you can fight zombies alone or play with a friend via bluetooth! Make the most out of your ammo to top your high score. Also, you can unlock additional content as you progress, which include dozens of weapons, weapons upgrades, skills, playable characters, and upgrades.

A friendly zombie game that requires team work

The game is packed with incredibly fluid and stylish animation that makes it so visually crisp no matter what device you play it on!

Ok, so this game is not exactly free. But it’s so good that I cannot leave it out from this list!

Download Zombieville USA 2 for USD 0.99 on IOS and Android

Stay home and game on, guys!