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Desktop Goose App

Sam Chiet’s Desktop Goose App will smear sh*t on your screen

18-year-old Sam Chiet created a Desktop Goose app that literally spawns a virtual goose to wreak havoc on your Windows desktop.

Desktop Goose App for Windows PCs
Desktop Goose App for Windows PCs

Desktop Goose app is an app that will spread virtual mud A.K.A poop all over your screen while honking crazily. It also drags memes or cartoons above your apps, but don’t close them! Otherwise, the goose will hold onto your mouse pointer and mess with you.

Does this remind you of Clippy and BonziBuddy from the late ’90s? Well, except this goose is way more annoying. If you leave it alone for 30 minutes, you’ll come back to find the goose running wild, spawning plenty of notes and honk cartoons.

Reminds me of my crazy and clingy ex-boyfriend. 

Desktop Goose App for Windows PCs
Goose Havoc After 30 Minutes(Image source: @_LucasRizotto on Twitter)

You can customize to add whatever images, GIFs, and memes that you want the goose to drag onto the screen. If that’s not annoying enough, you can adjust the goose’s aggression A.K.A level of annoyance and add MP3s that will play when you start it up.

Had enough of the annoying little sh*t? Simply hold the Esc key to say bye-bye.

A modding community has appeared overnight since the app went viral, and people have been creating fan art and even using it on live streams.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a virtual goose to harass you all day, you can it here. We hope to see more animals added to the customization list in the near future!