The Stranger on Netflix (Mobhouse Productions)
The Stranger on Netflix

Netflix’s new gripping-edge-of-your-chair drama

What’s your reaction when you finished the first episode of The Stranger? For me, it was like <insert mindblown emoji here>! There are so many secrets going on in the show that are harder to keep up with than the Kardashian clan!

The Stranger is a new 8-episode British crime series released on Netflix and my boss can’t stop talking about it. It is based on a novel by thriller author, Harlan Coben. 

The Stranger and her victim.

The show follows The Stranger played by Hannah-John Kamen and Adam Price played by Richard Armitage. The Stranger is a mysterious and super hot woman who sometimes threatens people by revealing their dirty secrets for a greater good. But, mostly for money. Unfortunately, Adam Price is just one of her countless victims.

My mum says don’t trust a stranger… but this is just crazy

The Stranger bonfire (Mobhouse Productions)
What are these people doing? (Image source: Netflix)

The show starts with a wild bonfire scene and a naked boy running through the woods. It immediately pulls you in with a rush of adrenaline and leaves you wondering what is going on? Next, you see Adam Price on a desperate journey to find out if what The Stranger says about his wife is true. What did his wife do? Watch to find out more!

The story then spirals into multiple narratives featuring several characters. But, here’s the interesting part. Each character’s storyline intertwines with each other in one way or another and it is all linked back to The Stranger!

The Stranger (Mobhouse Productions)
Are they all victims of The Stranger?

The community is very small so everybody knows everybody and everyone talks to everyone. I’m surprised they can even keep secrets from one another with such big mouths. LOL.

The Stranger turned me into a couch pretzel…

We all have secrets (Mobhouse Productions)
We all have our secrets…

As the story evolves, The Stranger continues targetting many people from the same town. Sometimes, it seems like The Stranger is doing this out of good intention. But then in the next episode, you see her blackmailing people for 10,000 pounds. Wow, can practice favoritism on targets one ah?

It was a bit of a challenge for me to follow the story so I had to rewatch the first few episodes a few times. You have to be observant because they sprinkle the Easter eggs like Saltbae. Those little details have a higher importance in revealing the plots. Otherwise, you might end up turning into a pretzel instead of a regular couch potato. Like me.

Sometimes you try too hard and it backfires

Personally, I find The Stranger more and more boring as we learn more about her. You could potentially predict her true identity even before you reach the last episode.

Sadly, the ending wasn’t lost me way before they said goodbye. The last plot twists don’t seem to connect in any way other than coincidence. Which can make the show look a bit too try-hard. Additionally, there are too many twists that feel like they were there for the sake of being there. Having said that, I still managed to sit through the whole series so I guess the show is overall still pretty compelling.

If you’ve watched this new British crime series, let us know what you think about it in the comments below!