Robots are taking over our world!

Doomsday cultists are probably losing their minds over the level of automation that exists today. Many envision that Artificial Intelligence will lead directly to a Terminator-esque post-apocalyptic future. What will they think of the new A.I. kitchen apparatus named CookingPal Julia?

What’s cookin’?

CookingPal Julia was recently revealed at CES 2020. Also known as the “Intelligent Autonomous Cooking System”; it can chop, stir, knead, steam, and can even wash itself.

The autonomous system means it can suggest meals on top of being able to do most of the preparation work itself.

Cooking Pal Julia (MOBHouse Productions)
Julia is truly heaven sent! (Image source:

The Smart Hub

CookingPal Julia is a system simply because it is an amalgamation of the cooking apparatus and Smart Hub.

The Smart Hub is a custom-made tablet, which is basically the brain of the system. In essence, it plans your meals and tells you how to prepare them using CookingPal Julia. On top of personalizing dishes based on your preferences, the system adapts itself the more you use it.

An in-built camera and AI food recognition capabilities work together to take stock of your ingredients. In addition to that, Smart Hub can place orders for ingredients for you, or you can order via the system anytime. The tablet comes ready with touchscreen and voice-activated controls in case your hands are covered in foodstuff.

Cooking Pal Julia (MOBHouse Productions)
A fun and educational experience for you and the family! (Image source:

When can Julia be in our kitchens?

Cooking Pal announced that they plan to retail at USD1,000 (approximately RM4,100) sometime in the third quarter this year.

Additionally, they will be issuing more ‘cooking pals’ such as a smart oven and pressure cooker that are powered by the Smart Hub Platform as well.

This kitchen invasion is certainly a welcome invention for busy people who are constantly on the go or even newbies at cooking.

What other ways do think such nifty gadgets can help make our routine simpler or more exciting?

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