AI interview

Welcome to the future

We all know that more and more jobs are being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. But there is one unlikely candidate that many do not expect; Interviewers.

What?!?! Getting interviewed for jobs by Artificial Intelligence? No, this is not some fake news.

Robots Interviewers (MOBHouse Productions)
Our Robot Overlords

How Does it Work?

Video interviews are very common these days. Over the past few years, companies started incorporating algorithms in their interviewing process.

HireVue is a company that helps employers conduct video interviews and use algorithms to analyze the interviewees. HireVue analyzes the interviewees’ usage of words and grammar as well as facial expressions and their tone to determine their characteristics and suitability for the job. This is what we meant by a job interview with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Job Interview assessment (MOBHouse Productions)
Mockup of a report that an employer would receive after the algorithm assesses the candidate. (Image: CNN)

They have worked with more than 700 companies. One of them being Maxis, which deployed HireVue’s video interviewing technology for 95% of their hiring needs. That’s a lot for a company like Maxis with thousands of employees.

If you’d gone through the video interviewing process at Maxis, share your experience in the comment section below!

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How tolerant will the AI be? (Image:

Will our next job interview be with artificial intelligence?

While all of this seems cool, it also has its fair share of criticism. 

One main concern is that we don’t know what AI is looking for when analyzing candidates. Also, job applicants won’t know what to expect. Even career services consultants don’t know how to advise them. Yikes, everything is out of our control!

Moreover, there is scepticism towards companies that claim that their algorithm can examine applicants based on their facial expressions. Doesn’t that seem a bit too far-fetched?

AI meme (MOBHouse Productions)
AI, what more do you want?

It is unlikely that this technology will take over physical interviews completely, as most companies that deploy this technology only use it as a preliminary stage to shortlist candidates before conducting physical interviews.

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