Angry Tech Reviewer Gives Away RM11,000 Gaming PC!

A Gaming PC Giveaway with the total value of RM11,000? For real?

To those who are unfamiliar, MOBHouse Productions is a video-centric online platform that strives to produce innovative content with the explicit objective to bridge the gap between brands and businesses with consumers. All thanks to the vibrant and supportive local tech enthusiast / gaming community, in just under a year, we’ve managed to accumulate quite a substantial number of followers on both Facebook and Youtube.

To take things to the next level, we wanted to find new ways to create better content for our followers. Recently, we even got Shahzeeq (formerly known as Tekan Start) to join us as a content creator. He is the perfect candidate for a MOBHouse personality due to his eloquence, charm and sense of humor.

Official announcement for Shahzeeq joining MOBHouse Productions
Official announcement for Shahzeeq joining MOBHouse Productions

As a welcoming bonus for joining MOBHouse Productions, our founder – Shane Tan decided to buy Shahzeeq a complete PC setup from MSI. This RM11,016 worth of gear includes:

1. MSI Aegis X Pre-built system

2. MSI Optix G27C2 Monitor

3. MSI DS100 Interceptor Mouse

4. MSI DS4100 Interceptor Keyboard

Shane has previously tasked Shahzeeq to do a review for the Aegis X and G27C2 Monitor as his first official job at MOBHouse Productions. Feel free to check it out here:

To catch Shahzeeq’s reaction, the MOBHouse Productions team kept cameras rolling after our weekly Facebook Live talkshow – Yumcha At MOBHouse – which happens every Thursday at 9pm. Shockingly, not only was Shahzeeq unimpressed by the gift, he even bragged about the new GTX1080Ti that he just bought for his own PC.

Clearly upset, Shane told the audience that he will be giving away this entire setup, all RM11,026 of it. “One of you out there is definitely going to be more grateful to receive this!” said Shane before storming off and slamming the door behind him.

Shahzeeq shrugs off the RM11,000 surprise present.
Shahzeeq shrugs off the RM11,000 surprise present.

Details for the giveaway can be found at the original video post on Facebook which we have set as the feature video for this article, right above. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more updates on this massive giveaway: