Wine 5.0 enables gaming on Linux?

We’ve got to admit that this may sound strange to Windows and Mac users. Anticipating hordes of Linux fans trampling us into the ground in 3, 2, 1!

Contrary to popular belief, Linux is starting to catch up in the PC gaming sector and their latest iteration of Wine may just be the answer.

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What is Wine 5.0?

Wine is basically an ’emulator’ for software and games that originates from other non-Linux operating systems like macOS or Windows.

The latest version of Wine is ready for use with more than 7400 individual changes!

These changes include built-in modules in PE (Portable Executable) format and Vulkan 1.1 Support. Multi-monitor support functions along with XAudio2 reimplementation is a key update in Wine 5.0.

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Gamers, rejoice!

Major improvements galore!

Vulkan 1.1 support enables Direct 3D support allowing switching between full-screen and windowed modes via Alt+Enter with DXGI apps. On top of that, screensavers will not interrupt full-screen Direct3D applications anymore.

The in-built modules with PE format help various copy protection schemes that ensure the on-disk and in-memory contents of system modules are identical.

Drink deep from Wine 5.0

One of the primary functions of Wine is for running Windows or Mac games on Linux distros. In addition, the switch from ELF format to PE format is a major step in increasing the level of support possible.

This in turn has led to the widening of the games list, including contemporary titles that can be run under Wine 5.0. The list isn’t exactly all-encompassing as it isn’t exactly toe to toe with new releases.

However, Wine shines when it comes to playing older PC games that may not be compatible anymore with the latest operating systems such as Windows 10.

Mac users however will have to wait just a little longer because the latest macOS Catalina is not yet compatible with Wine 5.0.

Check out this video on what is in store for Linux PC gaming!