Zotac's love letter to competitors (MOBHouse)
Zotac's love letter to competitors (Image: Zotac Malaysia)

It seems like love is in the air! Zotac Malaysia aka Lotac Malaysia wrote a very sweet albeit heart-breaking Valentine’s Day love letter to Ah-sus, Gigabite, Aim-S-Eye and Galat (allegedly Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Galax).

Love is in the air. (Image: Zotac Malaysia)

Lay Down Weapons and Pick Up a Graphics Card!

Tis’ the season for love, and Zotac was definitely feeling it:

“Let us forget about PROMO. It’s hurting all of us.”

Dear Ah-sus, Gigabite, Aim-S-Eye and Galat,

We at Lotac Malaysia, would like to send our LOVE to you during this Valentine’s Day. Let us forget about PROMO. It’s hurting all of us. Hope all of you and gamers have a wonderful night of non-stop gaming action with your loved one or even alone. BTW, Ah-sus, we did join ur Merc Contest but we failed to win. 💔💔. Got BMW next round ma?

Your beloved,
Lotac Malaysia ❤️

We’re sure that it was all in good fun on this lovely day but no doubt some end users might misconstrue this for something altogether different. I mean, us gamers do love a little salt sometimes.

Guilty as charged!

Gamers love salt. (Image: Salt Bae)

All in this Together?

While competition in the PC component world always benefit the end user due to increasingly competitive prices, it can also hurt the entire supply chain if things get too out of hand.

In order to provide us with the best user experience and customer service, the people hard at work – from brand representatives to distributors to retailers and service providers – need to be properly compensated. Unreasonably horrible margins are just going to drive businesses into caring less about service and more about chasing numbers.

Just like a relationship. It’s about quality, not quantity!

PC Master Love Affair (Mobhouse)
PC Master Love Affair. (Image: Mess By Accident)

Our 2 PC Master Cents

I personally, am not a huge fan of competitive or “promo” prices being the major differentiating factor between brands. As a PC enthusiast myself, I do hope to see more innovations from the AIB (Add In Board) partners to keep things fresh and exciting, always!

What do you guys think? Would you want brands to play nice? Or would you prefer them to be at odds so y’all can continue picking sides and calling each other fanboys?