Come on, WORLD OF BUZZ. Take ownership and responsibility for your actions.
WOB co-founders responding to recent allegations in a YouTube video. (Source: World Of Buzz)
  1. Why all the talk about compensation to begin with? I can’t speak for all content creators, but I do believe that a lot of us do this for our passion and if money was the priority, many of us would have pursued a career in other, more lucrative industries. Have some respect for your creatives!

  2. What you publish on your platform says tons about you. Your team’s work is all under your supervision and I doubt anybody can get anything on the platform without your say so. No one else should be taking a fall for your content.

  3. Save your crocodile tears. I don’t see anything wrong in pushing for deadlines or grinding to improve the quality of work. Many of us content creators in Malaysia are trying to make it in the RIGHT way by striving to make better and better content and not torture our team with unrealistic KPI that turn passionate creatives into zombies. Also, we don’t rip off other people’s content just for views.
Anyone from WOB who wants to make good content, please feel free to contact me. I might not be able to give everyone jobs but I could refer you to other places.
As tiny as we are, I would like to do my part to help you guys get out of this pigsty they’re trying to call a company.
P.S. I honestly can’t be bothered if there’s gonna be splash-back on me for speaking my mind. I started MOBhouse Productions to learn how to make good video content and hopefully inspire others and build a respectable company by creatives for creatives.
Shane Tan 咸蛋

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