Noblechairs EPIC Series Gaming Chair Review


Today, we’re reviewing the Noblechairs EPIC Series Faux Leather Gaming Chair in black and gold.
The EPIC Series Gaming Chair retails for RM1,499 or USD399.90.
Available in black or white, it even comes in genuine leather, which Hardware Canucks has previously reviewed.


Noblechairs’ classy and subtle approach to branding separates them from other gaming chair companies.
Coincidentally, this EPIC Series’ black and gold colour scheme fits our office decors perfectly.


The Noblechairs EPIC Series comes with high quality PU faux leather which feels smooth to the touch and is accented with tasteful golden stitching that looks top notch. Additionally, Noblechairs includes suede trimmings along the sides of the backrest and seat as well as perforations for better ventilation.

The firm padding retains its shape well and should get softer with use.

With an aluminum 5 star base and sturdy steel frame that supports up to 100kg / 220lbs, the EPIC Series is built like a tank. Its 60mm caster wheels allow the chair to glide on our timber floor smoothly. Based on other sources, carpets are not an issue.


The EPIC Series Gaming Chair comes with 2 detachable neck and lumbar pillows, both of which feel plush and are height adjustable for optimum comfort. Also, Noblechairs’ company logo is embroidered onto the black velvet covers of each pillow.

The arm rest, which is made of PU as well, has a textured finish that feels comfortable to the touch. Not only can it be pivoted in and out, it can also be adjusted from front to back, left to right and up to down with 3 separate buttons. This is useful if you want to tuck the arm rests under the desk to get yourself closer to the table or get it out of the way so you can fold your legs like a Tibetan monk. We definitely appreciate the thoughtful design of the Noblechairs EPIC Series Gaming Chair.

For those who likes to Netflix and chill, there is a lever on the right that allows you to recline for up to 45 degrees. Right below that is another lever for you to toggle the height adjustment for up to 10cm.

The left lever allows you to rock the chair back and forth for about 11 degrees. Make sure that you loosen the tilt-tension knob first if you weigh less than a sack of potatoes.


After testing the Noblechairs Epic Series Gaming Chair for a couple of weeks, I’ve grown pretty fond of it. Its ergonomics and adaptability allow me to switch up my sitting positions during long working hours, which helps to prevent back fatigue.

Note: For a step-by-step installation guide, feel free to check out Noblechairs’ website here.