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The Thought

Somehow, by some miracle, you have extra numbers in your bank account. You decide to get something cool (kind of) for yourself because you don’t usually do that (yeah, right). And for some strange reason, you want to get a smartwatch. So, you whip out your phone to look up if you should get one, and you ended up here.

We’re not gonna tell you that answer.

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What we WILL tell you are some pros and cons about the smartwatch. Then you can decide for yourself if you should get one or save that money for something else.

And so, let’s get to it!



Looking at your watch is far less intrusive when compared to looking at your phone. Not to say it doesn’t affect the opposite party completely, but it’s far less disrespectful. You could be assumed for simply checking the time.

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This thing can tell the time and measure your fitness progress. The more recent smartwatches offer dedicated workout modes so you can be consistent in your exercising even when nobody’s pushing you to do so.

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Cashless Payment

Some smartwatches allow a payment system where you don’t need to bring along cash with you. This is a step up on convenience if you don’t like walking around with a bulky wallet in your pocket.

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There is a certain aura the smartwatch emits. It’s cool, but in ways where it’s unassuming. Who wouldn’t look twice if they see someone sitting somewhere talking to a watch instead of a phone?

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Yes, this point takes a double hit. It’s true that the smartwatch seems less disruptive to look at instead of a phone, but during no-phone sessions, the constant stream of calls and messages that come in will serve as a distraction. For those who simply can’t let go of their virtual responsibilities, having the watch on could also serve as a reminder that apps are still running in the background.

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Battery Life

Most smartwatches drain a lot of energy from the battery to keep apps running in the background. This is different from the traditional wrist watches which sole purpose is to consistently move the hands of the clock, or in the case of a digital one, simply show its numbers.

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Perhaps the most unattractive point of the entire smartwatch ordeal is the price. A smartwatch is pretty much a duplicated phone compressed onto your wrist… that you need the original phone to connect to. So the redundancy here is one of the reasons why most would take a pass on it.

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So, those are the pros and cons on the smartwatch. If you’re willing to spend some money to turn some heads, you might just find yourself in the right place. It does look quite professional during meetings, upping your cool points instantly (only to certain people).

A number of recommendations showed up on some lists, so we went ahead to include them here for your convenience.

Huawei Watch 2 Classic – RM 612.90

Motorola Moto 360 – RM 935.77

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (SM-R760) – RM 999.00

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS, 42mm – RM 1379.00

And if you’re THAT ambitious…

HUAWEI WATCH 2 (4G) Smartwatch – RM2,683.04

So, what do you think? Is it smart enough to catch your attention? Or do you think it’s a redundant gimmick that says more than it does?


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