The Past & Now

In the past, all “mouses” came with wires. Back then, they had rollers to detect the movement of the mouse, but now; laser and optic sensors have been introduced. Then came the age of the wireless which has been around for quite some time since. That said, the wired mouse still stands as a popular choice for computer users, especially for gaming and esports.

Here are some of the characteristics of our wired companion.

1. Precision

For the more hardcore of gamers, precision and timing are the difference between performing well or badly in a game. The wired mouse is usually preferred because for its direct connection to the computer. This usually mitigates input lags that are sometimes present in a wireless mouse. This means that consistency and accuracy between the player’s reaction time and that of the mouse are more efficient.

Image from Pixabay: accuracy-achieve-achievement-aim

2. Price

The wired mouse is also cheaper than wireless ones. This is because lesser technology is implemented to the mouse. While the wired mouse requires a USB port, most wireless mice depend on batteries to operate.

Image from Pixabay: dollars flying concept

3. Messy

For those who dislike the sight of cables, however, will find the wired mouse more of a nuisance. It is almost impossible to get a clean minimalist desk setup if you’re using wired peripherals. What’s more, while travelling, the possibility of it getting mixed with other wires or cables creates a time-consuming chore for the user to untangle the mess. This could lead to a lot of frustration that could have been otherwise avoided with the use of the wireless mouse.

Image from Pixabay: rope-tangle-nautical-marine-cord

4. Storing Away

Besides the potential messiness of the wired mouse, storing it away could also be a hassle for laptop users; not to mention when they have to untangle it again when they get to their next destination. For these users, it would make more sense to get the wireless mouse due to ease of mobility. However, there have been implementations of the retractable USB cord which makes things a lot easier to manage.

Image from Raru: Port Designs – Mobile Retractable Mouse

An Old Friend

Depending on the kind of user, the wired mouse is an artifact that has slowly evolved and withstood the test of time, though with every good thing, trade-offs do come in the package. It is up to the user to choose what they are willing to put up with.


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