Mew-sic for your fur kids?

Seems like our pets are getting a richer life experience than some of us! Now they have high-grade diets, exercise plans, and more routine medical check-ups than many of us! And now, you can even create a playlist on Spotify for your pets?!

Spotify for your pets (Mobhouse Productions)
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How is music tailored to your pets paw-sible?

Spotify recently launched a ridiculously cute pet playlist generator that creates a playlist for your pets (and you, of course) to go crazy over!

For now, the selection is limited to five animal types; cat, dog, iguana, bird, or hamster. Pick your pet and then move on to the next cat-egory; personality traits (nani???). Select their general behavior type such as apathetic, curious, shy, friendly, energetic, or even stoned!

Then, proceed to add your baby’s name as well as a photo to the playlist and Spotify will do the rest.

How paw-some will the playlist be?

As far as we know, Kitty Pery or Meowley Cyrus has yet to uh… be discovered. But there are plenty of playlists such as this one below:

Will this even do my lovelies any good?

Spotify did some extensive online surveys across 5 nations (UK, US, Australia, Spain, Italy) and 5,000 people.

Check out these infographics below for a quick overview!

Spotify for your pets (Mobhouse Productions)
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So, should we unleash this upon our pets?

If the statistics are true, there may be great benefits to doing this. After all, the well-being of your fur-kids is a priority, simply because a happy kitty and/or smiling pooch is a priceless thing to have! So we’ll recommend that you give it a shot. Of course, if this results in cacophonous howling, do check to make sure your poodle ain’t just a jazz snob.

Create your own pet playlist now!