See on Apple TV+ (Mobhouse Productions)
See on Apple TV+

Aquaman and GOT star Jason Momoa plays a blind man in his new drama, See.

See on Apple TV+ (MOBHouse Productions)
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Have you seen Jason Momoa’s new show, See on Apple TV+? He plays a warlord in a future world where no one can see until two children are born with eyesight.

The show introduces a world where most of mankind has lost their eyesight and society is degenerating into tribal culture. However, all of that changes when Jason’s children become the first in generations with the ability to see. How can a blind father along with his blind neighbours find out?

See on Apple TV+ (Image source: YouTube)

As word spreads about the babies with eyesight, it catches the attention of a queen who will do anything to get her hands on them. To protect his children, Jason goes against the queen and takes down her fellow cult before they can capture his children. Walau, so gan jiong!

What does it take to play a blind person role?

See on Apple TV+ (Image source: Indiewire)

All the actors in the show attended a workshop to learn from a blindness consultant on how to move and act convincingly as people who have been blind since birth.

Alfre Woodard, who plays Paris in the series, told “We did it for a month, all of us, everybody. And we had an advocate for the blind community on set, Joe Strechay. He was like a guru.”

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