Netflix Most Popular Releases You Have To Watch!

Regardless of whether you have an active partner (cough wink), we Netflix and chill almost daily. Even my grandmother does it while chilling with her cats and a bunch of snacks in hand! When the list of Netflix Most Popular Releases of 2019 was posted on Twitter, I turned on my binge-watching mode and here’s my humble couch potato review.

1. Stranger Things (Season 3)

Netflix most popular releases (Mobhouse productions)

I loved Stranger Things (Season 3) so much that I watched it TWICE. Mostly due to how the third season addresses the growing pains of teenagehood on the complications of relationships and friendships. Unlike Season 1 and Season 2, I was doomed to think that Season 3 would only conjure happy feels! However, the ending hit my heart in the right spot.

2. The Witcher

Netflix most popular releases (Mobhouse productions)

Personally, I wouldn’t say that The Witcher can hold a candle to Game of Thrones. Regardless, it is still an action-fantasy adaptation that is oddly enjoyable and deserving to be one of Netflix Most Popular Releases. Its narrative structure is perhaps what makes the show bearable. In this series, the former Superman plays the role of a magical monster hunter who travels from town to town killing monsters. Before you watch the show, you may need to do a little extra homework so you can follow the plot and characters. Even if you have read the books before, you may not be completely clear on the setup.

3. The Umbrella Academy

Netflix most popular releases (Mobhouse productions)

The Umbrella Academy is a superhero show with a pinch of family dysfunction narrative that is surprisingly emotional. The show captures the feeling of remorse from hurting our loved ones, such as referring to the children by numbers instead of their names. Just kidding. The show also teaches you that familial relationships are more intricate and complex than you expect. But, most of all, it made me extremely thankful for having a non-dysfunctional family.

4. When They See Us

If I were to recommend only ONE show from the list of Netflix Most Popular Releases, it would be this one. This show is based on a true story; The Central Park 5 case. The direction and writing of the show emphasized on what the boys and their families lost over their decades-long ordeal. Not only is the plot compelling, but the actors’ performances are also uniformly astonishing. They successfully captured the innocence of children and the permanence of their loss. The show left me crying like a baby many, many times. And just like Stranger Things 3, I watched When They See Us twice.

5. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is no stranger to many of us. Before she even had her own Netflix show, she was already famous for her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. When you read a self-help book like that, things may seem very simple. By turning the book into a TV show, it allowed us to see how difficult it really is to get rid of things that no longer spark joy. This show is not one that I will fully invest my time in. However, it is interesting to watch other people clean their houses, which is something that I barely do myself…

How many of the shows/movies have you watched from the list? And which are your top 3? Let us know in the comment section!